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3 Tips To Get Your Roof Ready for Summer

A residential roof ready for the summer.

3 Tips to Get Your Roof Ready For The Summer

The Ultimate Guide for St. Louis Homeowners

As a St. Louis homeowner, you’re more than aware of the brutally humid heat that takes over the summer. Not to mention the number of severe summer stores the St. Louis receives on almost a weekly basis. With all the possible damage that can come from high winds, hail, and heavy rain, it’s vital that you get your roof ready for the summer. With our roof tips here at Watermark Exteriors, you can ensure that your home will stay protected and be ready to fight the extreme elements that St. Louis endures.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

With the number of severe storms that hit the St. Louis area, it’s crucial that you ensure your gutters are clean and in good shape for the summer. Make sure that any debris, dust, or even broken debris is cleared from the inside. This will help keep the flow of water in your gutters running smoothly and keep pools of water from developing on your roof. These pools can cause water to flood over and even cause a rotten or leaky roof to develop. 

Gutter Installation

Inspect All Around Your Roof

Before the summer heat hits or even before a big storm is on the way make sure that all aspects of your roof are looked over and free of any need of roof repairs. This includes checking over shingles, tiles, flashings, and metal strips on all areas of your roof. Ensuring that all these are healthy and in good shape means you’re taking the right measures to have a strong roof. 


Check for Any Broken, Loose, or Torn Shingles

Any curling, cracked, or broken shingle pieces should always be assessed. Since the summer brings plenty of heavy winds, hail, and rain, it’s important that your roof has any repairs or replacements done to your shingles before they start to become loose and end up breaking. This will help keep water damage at bay.


Check for Leaks

Another important task is to check for any leaks that may have occurred over the winter or summer months. Water damage to your home and your roof are no joke. They can cause a lot of replacement and repair costs that are sure to cause financial headaches.

A house with trees all over the roof.

Trim Any Surrounding Trees

There are a lot of beautiful trees in the St. Louis area, but make sure that any hanging over your roof is properly trimmed. The overhanging branches not only cause a hazard by falling thanks to high winds but they also scratch the surface of your roof and damage shingles over time. Scratches form and deeper openings occur causing the chance for water damage and lifted shingles to become even greater. 

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Before the summer gets here, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary steps to get your roof ready for summer. As a St. Louis homeowner, look no further than Watermark Exteriors as your choice for all your roofing needs. We cover roof replacements, repairs, installations, and routine maintenance that your home needs. We’re known as one of the most reliable roofing companies in the area and make sure that we keep that reputation. 

Get started before the summer hits and call our roofing experts today. Together, we’ll set up a time to come out and give you a free roof inspection that will make sure your home and roof are in the best shape possible. 





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