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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. So everything we do as expert commercial roofers is to ensure you are taken care of with quality materials and service. Our free detailed estimates and roof inspections are conducted with full transparency. Pictures and detailed findings are always openly presented, so you have a clear picture of what to expect, something that differentiates us from other commercial roofing companies.

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The health of your roof should always be one of your top priorities. It’s the cover that protects everything that is your business. Don’t take it for granted. Let’s get to work on making sure your commercial building is set for years to come. Contact us to get a detailed full inspection and estimate to see how we can provide you with a cost-savings solution.


For Commercial Clients Near St. Louis

If you suspect you have roof damages look for damaged flat roof flashing such as bending, rusting, or any other damage. Also keep a lookout for cracked or blistered roofing surfaces and loose fasteners that cause bumps on the membrane itself. It’s a sign of trapped moisture and can lead to leaking.

Some clear signs of mold are always foul odors or dark stains on your ceiling. The cause is most always water finding its way into your inner roof or upper walls.

For the best commercial roof maintenance, we have to take into consideration the type and size of the roof. Many times, older more frequently used roofs may require more work and maintenance to keep it in the best shape possible.

Due to the code regulation, type of roof systems, and safety concerns around a given roof structure no dollar amount can be given at this time. Contact us for an inspection and estimate tailored to your property.

Our commercial roofers are skilled at installing and repairing TPO and PVC flat roofs and EPDM roofs.

See all our roofing systems for St. Louis and Illinois residents.

Do you have an interior leak that is costing you time and money?

Watermark can find the source of the leak through our leak detection services, and provide a solution to prevent more damage from occurring. If damages to the interior occur, no worries, we got you covered! Our sister company would be happy to assist in the cleanup and repair process of the interior in a seamless, efficient matter.

From steep shingled roofs, to low slope roofs, or even flat roofs, Watermark Roofing offer insurance claim services, preventative roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof replacement options that meet your needs.