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Choose the roofers in the St. Louis area that strives for excellence. One that doesn’t sacrifice quality for anything. We’re known as one of the roofing companies that partner with manufacturers who provide leading residential warranty systems and materials. We make sure your roof is fixed right and is set up for years of success.


No matter if you need a repair or replacement, our contractors have this down to a science. Our reviews speak for themselves and show why we’re one of the most trusted companies in the area. We’ve helped many homeowners in the area get their houses back in the best shape possible. Whether you have steep shingles or a metal roof, we have the solution that will keep your family and possessions protected.


Let’s take care of those damages with roofing services that have been proven to work. We’ll figure out a residential strategy to get your house back in shape. Contact us to get a free roof inspection and we’ll provide a quote with detailed findings that show you the exact issues we found and guide you through the next steps to take.


For Residential Clients Near St. Louis

Maintenance depends on a variety of factors. We have to take into account both the type of roof it is and its size. For some, it may require more attention and maintenance depending on age, usage, and the type of materials it’s made with. 

Yes! Just like with almost anything, performing proper and routine maintenance will keep your residential roof functioning at the highest level possible for its age and weather exposure. 

Direct signs of any residential damage include any water damage in the ceiling of your home. Dents and blown off or buckled shingles are usually always the sign of heavy hail and wind storms. A not so obvious sign is any loose or peeling sealant and missing flashing. 

It’s always ideal to do a routine check-up around the perimeter. Check your gutters, windows, and any other outdoor accessories on your house and make note of any damages you find indoors as well. For example, any dark spots on the ceiling, leaking water. 

Due to the code regulation, type of systems, and safety concerns around a given roof structure no dollar amount can be given at this time. Contact us for an inspection and estimate tailored to your property.

All material will be removed exposing the existing decking. (wood, steel, or concrete). Then we prep the surface and install the proper underlayment depending on the type of roof you have. Finally, the installation of the shingles happens to ensure a high-quality performance.

Each roof replacement varies. Typically, the replacement process can take between 2-7 days but that is based on factors such as how much prep will need to be done, the type of roof, the size, and the weather conditions. 

Yes, we have extensive knowledge in navigating the insurance claim process and strive to ensure all items that should be addressed are addressed so we can properly take care of all the issues.

Yes, we do offer warranties. Because we partner with the best, we make sure that we can also offer additional warranties directly from the manufactures to ensure you have first-rate coverage in the event of an issue arising.

Any permits that may be required from a municipality we will take care of as this is part of our scope of work.

Do you have an interior leak that is costing you time and money?

Watermark can find the source of the leak through our leak detection services, and provide a solution to prevent more damage from occurring. If damages to the interior occur, no worries, we got you covered! Our sister company would be happy to assist in the cleanup and repair process of the interior in a seamless, efficient matter.

From steep shingled roofs, to low slope roofs, or even flat roofs, Watermark Roofing offer insurance claim services, preventative roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof replacement options that meet your needs.